Adapt and Overcome

Howdy Y’all,

So, the three days a week to write in dispatch is a thing of the past. Basically, I have recently been informed that because I went to part time, I don’t matter much and so my hours have been reduced accordingly.

The reduction in hours has not only hindered my time to write on anything, but it has also pushed me a step backward in saving money for whatever my next step is, be it heading to a new place stateside for some learning/easing up my pocketbook or going overseas and just taking the plunge.

I do not work seven days a week because I want to, I do it because I have a goal and if dispatch does not support the hours I need, then I will be forced to find those hours elsewhere. I will not sit by and hope someone will call in sick for me to get some hours.

I went part time in dispatch for several reasons, the primary one being that I could not find a second job with the ever-fluctuating hours there. Followed by the fact that I can work 12-hours a day, seven days a week but we only get paid 40 hours per week with a payout of the rest of the hours every three months.

The payout is nice, but the paltry 40-hour paycheck is pretty god-awful and not enough to survive on without the option of a second job… at least with my bills.

I do not plan to leave Miller County but losing hours is not an entirely bad thing besides the ability to work on some things while at work.

The loss in income sucks pretty bad, but the amount of hate mail that comes down from management and the silly rules/punishments that get made up seemingly at random are petty at best for most of it and fewer hours there means less dealing with the dumb shit.

So not totally piss-poor to lose the hours but I do like the job and the people for the most part.

And then to wonder why morale is down amongst the troops just makes me laugh.

I would like to use this free time to get started earning money online, but that takes me back to the lack of internet at my house.

I have found some unlimited internet, and it looks like it will work at my house, hopefully at the speeds I need, but that shit is $150 a month.

Somehow they have the audacity to say that their service is cheap on their website, I disagree, but there is nothing I can do about it if I want to get started making money online, other than moving out.

I am working on a couple of books and coming up with some ideas for new ones, I am also helping C.E. with some grand story ideas he has, and hopefully, we will be putting some of his stuff out soon.

I may have a line on a job to fill in the hours that dispatch doesn’t take which based on my three days this month will not be much.

This is about all I have going on at the moment, hopefully, get some new articles knocked out soon.

As always, please feel free to comment on anything here at Chop’s Guide.

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