37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

T-minus 4 days. Four days until I wave a tearful goodbye to Taco Bell for a while. Wendy's Baconator. McDonald's McMuffins. Hell, I am choking up a little as I type this out. Well, the choking might be Swiss Cake Roll induced, as four of those little brown devils is what I had for breakfast. … Continue reading 37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

Wise Guys Sandwich Pub, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri Review.

I have been interested in going to Wise Guys Sandwich pub for a long time, much like any restaurant I have not been to yet. But it was deeper, there was more longing for Wise Guys. Because Wise Guys may have a Cuban Sandwich on their menu. It is very rare that I find a Cuban anywhere, the last time being a truck stop somewhere in Ohio. And their Cuban was shit... they put onions and peppers on the motherfucker. Bastards.