Dream a Little Dream

I do not know why exactly I am having these dreams or why I am telling you about them but I hope none of you ever have to. They are just this side of soul-crushing. Do I have any dime store psychologists in the audience? What do you think? Can you help me have more getting touched dreams and less my world just fell apart ones?

White Slavery

I asked her to name one good thing about Killary which would make her perceive that she wasn’t possibly the worst person in history and she said that Killary is persistent. Based on that logic, rapists are just persistent, Hitler was showing off all kinds of persistence. Persistence does not make you good, persistence in the right avenues can make you good, watch Rudy if you want to see quality persistence. The Clintons, in general, have only been persistent about four things since the came on the scene. Killing anyone who gets in their way Lying fucking endlessly Stealing shit (no, really, they were forced to give back a TON of shit they stole from the White house) Seeking power over peasants