Headed North

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Howdy Y’all,

I have decided to do something that may virtually halt all progress on Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy, temporarily.

My buddy Jason ‘At this point I would fuck a beehive’ Barnes hit me up recently about a job offer he received back in the great white north.

Minot, North Dakota.

He said he was seriously considering going but did not really want to go up there with no friends; I understand where he is coming from and my ploy to make money online is dragging so far due to several factors.

I thought about it and told him to put my name in the hat since they are hiring and pretty happy to get anyone with even a little experience up there because the patch is picking back up.

As I write this, I have already completed everything to go up there, and I am just waiting to get the go-ahead to head up to Minot with my new company.

I am not exactly looking forward to being up there and dread a winter but I will be able to stack some cash, invest some money and through that hopefully, build the passive income I need to get back overseas.


I am planning to remain up there for as short a period as possible and hoping no longer than a year.

I gained a ton of weight up there even though there was a lot of time swinging a sledgehammer but eating out three times a day for three years straight will do that to you, so I have to be very careful about everything I eat.

My girl digs me being a tubby bastard, but it is not my favorite look.

It will be fun to get up there and see some of my old friends that I miss terribly and grinding away to stack cash will be fantastic, but I look forward to it and dread it at the same time.

Maybe this time I will actually get some separator experience, but if we do more than screen outs and things of that nature, I will have a limited amount of time to write Chop’s Guides though I will as I can.

If I am stuck on screen out jobs… which is also fine, I should be able to write tons… I do not care what I do; I just want to lose some more weight and get funds built up.

There are only like two of you who read these things anyway, and one of them is obligated to, or I might cut her off… that’s right, no sweet, sweet loving.

I just wanted to let you know, and I hope you will stay true to Chop’s Guide, I will write as much as possible and C.E. Manning will possibly continue posting also.

By the time this posts, I will hopefully be up there, and we will see where we stand.

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