Realistic Sex Robots and How They Impact You!




Howdy y’all,

So I was scrolling along on Facebook and came across an article about talking sex robots that are coming up for sale next year.

I am not sure why this showed up on my wall, I assume it is either based on some of the weird shit that I like or the Facebook algorithms figure I am lonely enough to fuck inanimate objects.

Probably a little bit of both.

unnamed-2I have stated on several occasions that I’d probably fuck a beehive at this point.

Thank you for that line, Barnes.

I can not see this article posting for a lot of people.

The article begins talking about Westworld which is a show I have been watching lately when I have a chance.

The basis of the show is that people spend $40000 a day to spend time in an Old West world made entirely of robots.

You can do anything you want in this world, be the hero, kill everyone, fuck anyone… it’s your dime.

It is a pretty decent show.

The company Abyss Creations which looks to be part of Real Doll who has been making lifelike dolls for years would like to give you the West World experience, minus the heroics, killing or autonomous movement… so basically just the fucking and dirty talk for a mear $15000.

These dolls will have electronic sensors that will allow them to respond to touch and talk to you.

unnamed-3I do not know if it will be just a random loop of phrases though I am sure that is the case. They have talked about different personalities and them having a sense of humor.

So long as her sense of humor does not involve laughing at my dick then it is already doing better than my average sexual encounter.

The dolls will also have heating elements to give their bodies, especially the areas that you would place various appendages, a warmth so it feels more real. I assume you will still have to use the lube of your choice to get it all ready for you to, you know, look like you are having a stroke mid-coitus. #lookatmyOHface

I prefer 5W-30.

The CEO of Abyss Creations, Matt McMullen, stated that he wants these sex robots to be so real for you that you develop an emotional attachment to them, up to and including love.

If they made them look like Thandie Newton or Angela Sarafyan from West World or Gina Gerson, I could see that happening.

unnamed-4I really just wanted a reason to post a picture of one of my favorite girls from my favorite city in the world.

I own this shit, don’t you judge me!

These dolls are cool and all but with them I see the marriage rates dropping even further than the dire numbers we already have..

If they ever get them to walk and function, that will be the end of marriage and relationships at least in the westernized world.

Why would a man risk marrying some entitled harpy that could potentially take half of his stuff when he could drop 15k and be content with life.

Unless he wants kids.

Why bother with a life full of chicks who would pull some #wastehistime bullshit when you could live your life much cheaper and more hassle free with a sizeable one-time fee that provides you with a lifetime of freedom.

If they start financing these things, the westernized women of the world would be in dire straits indeed.

There is no rejection, and these things will only continue to get better and more lifelike.

If I am still a lonely fuck when they are upgraded to the point that the dolls will sit on your beard and ride cowgirl, I will probably be a customer myself.

If, of course, I haven’t finally felt the sweet release of death.

I figure if I am where I am now that far in the future, then I haven’t made it overseas yet and I will be ok with just dying already because apparently, nothing has worked in my favor, that being the only thing I want to do with life.

The sex dolls are a great thing for some men because honestly there are just some men that will never be appealing to about 99.9% of the women in their country and they do not have the focus to see how well they can be treated elsewhere.

Or they could just be like me, not absolutely repulsive but sick of the games, the entitlement and the waste of time.unnamed-5

Men run the risk of imprisonment if they are willing to make a monetary exchange for sex because most countries feel the need to legislate morality so where else do they have to turn when no one will touch them otherwise?

In some aspects, I do not see this as a bad idea. It could potentially  make the world just a little bit better because there are less frustrated people in it.

I certainly would not advocate outlawing them like some people would but I see it being a bad thing at the same time.

Because human connection wouldn’t be there.

Something I would LOVE to see and this is where I am about to have a LOT of women fall in love with me.

Feel free to hit me up, ladies.

I want to see these companies making VERY anatomically correct learning robots.

They have robots that respond to touch, why not make one that responds G-Spot Stimulation?

Why not Make oneunnamed respond to Clitoral Stimulation?

How about a Kegel robot to teach women how to not only use them but to get pleasure from it?

Why not have robots that have different levels of difficulty to teach both men and women how to be better lovers?

Women are a fucking nightmare to get to cum, mostly because no two women are the same.

Guys are a bit easier, generally.

If guys had learned some techniques practicing before they get into a girl’s pants rather than hoping they figured it out during the big game then maybe it would be more enjoyable on both sides rather than the guy just making shit up that he hopes will bring his woman to climax, for example: (I did a poll to learn about these things, I am not just making them up)

Maybe if I slap that little button on top she will cum…


Maybe if I talk her into fucking herself with a giant candy cane, the peppermint will warm her up and make her cum more easily (for the record, apparently it feels like a very nice smelling, sticky as fuck, acid burn.)


Just shoving your dick in before she can get ready and it feels like road rash for both of you.

This is shit men should learn not to do before hand, Learning robots would be absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

Girls could use some learning also. I have had a few bad experiences inclutumblr_lx5kvyskny1r7zfgyo1_250ding horrible BJs and HJs that felt like the girl was trying to rip the skin of my dick off… damn near pulled my belly button out of place.

I was scared to even try a ZJ.

Learning robots would be absolutely fantastic in my opinion and though you could still live your life as a pariah, ignoring humanity and be happy just you and your robot, you could, through practice with the very same robot, make yourself someone any member of the sex of your choice will remember forever.

This is the direction I think we should go with this tech.





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