The Big Gap


Howdy, Y’all,

If you are the longtime reader of Chop’s Guide, then I apologize for this place not being much better.

Seriously, I wish I could offer some consolation prize or something.

Never being able to get that time back.

I apologize.

Being the sad, sad bastard that reads this tripe, you may have noticed that the articles/posts are flowing less frequently lately.

There is a reason for this, I am lazy.

That isn’t really the reason… don’t get me wrong, I am lazy as fuck, but a real cause of the slowdown is because of several issues:

1. I mostly write Chop’s Guide by myself and trying to be entertaining every other day is difficult.

2. I can not get decent internet at my house so I can not do much research there and I kind of hate writing when I can not study at the same time so that only leaves me with a possible three days a week I can write, during any free time allowed during my job at dispatch. I may try to write more at home but, it annoys the fuck out of me.

3. The only thing I have had time to do when I have time online is write for Chop’s Guide. This does not allow me the ability to work as much on getting overseas.

4. Chop’s Guide is purely entertainment and getting some writing practice at the moment, it is not a money making use of my time, writing new books are, however. I need to devote some more time to this endeavor and thus, fewer Chop’s Guides unless I can find a new place to live without leaving my brother in the lurch which is something I would dearly love to do.

On that front, I know my primary goal is to get overseas, but I have looked a little and had an offer stateside for a move that could potentially be beneficial after finding a job of course.

Chop’s Guide writer C.E. Manning offered me a room in his place with a superb internet connection in Louisiana with drastically reduced bills compared to what I am paying now. It is enticing but once again, I have responsibilities here, though it would be an easy move.

I have also been looking around Floridia of course and have found a few good things in the Jacksonville area though I do not know if, at all, I would reduce my money going out.

I am still trying to sell all my shit but so far have really only gotten rid of some books and some movies.

I just purchased some Black Friday deals from Wesley Atkins, I have used his Kindle Spy program for a while and got some other things from him this week at drastically reduced prices.

If you are interested in writing they could be of some help to you, I would suggest checking them out.

That is about all the update I have at the moment, I hope that you will forgive the fewer articles, but with any luck, the quality of writing will go up.

Stop laughing, dick.



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