37 Days to Zen – Day 8, Change Day 1


Day 1 of change.

First things first, I woke up with the opportunity to change things. I have done this before, stuck to it for nearly two years until getting hurt, then went back into the downward spiral that is laziness, depression, and American fast food.

Cokes had to go. The first time I hit a diet, I cut out Cokes for the first month and switched to diet soft drinks. Doing just that I lost 20 pounds. No exercise, no other dieting, just switching from full flavored to diet. Cokes – gone. Diet Cokes – limited. I will try bottled water as much as possible.

Breakfast today was two sugar-free Monsters and a pack of beef jerky. The best diet for my body is a super high protein low carb combo. Mostly meat before, but this time I want to add some fruit to cleanse my pineal gland.

Everyone is different, so, unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is trial and error.

Fatigue still lingered late morning, but I spent most of the time thinking about the hole in my stomach that the jerky fell out of. High protein is great, but you will remain feeling hungry all the time. My mind knows my body has what it needs, it just doesn’t have what it wants, and that is pounds of carbs that fill the stomach, not the body.

Lunch brought about some cave man eating techniques, as I raped a whole rotisserie chicken. Bones were all that was left, that and three dozen dirty napkins.

Coke Zero is now the drink of choice until I can wean myself off completely, as Diet Coke tastes like a homeless man‘s crotch in early August.

Still tired late afternoon, I have to stay focused on this as I am just starting again. A few gulps of cold tap water to ease the pain in the now bottomless pit of my midsection (I am trying to stay away from tap water as well as it contains high levels of, well, just about everything your body doesn’t need). I will have to get some bottled water for tomorrow.

Dinner was another decent compromise, as I chose a salad at Wendy’s. I know the dressing is laced with fat and carbs, but I think I deserved it after a decent start.

I put my headphones on and dedicated 15 minutes to a YouTube meditation clip, didn’t move, and finished out the day feeling a little upbeat. It might have been from the thought of positive change, but I will take it after years of negative thoughts.

I plan on adding time to my meditation as I progress and meditate in the morning and at night. I have been doing massive amounts of research on it lately, and believe it will indeed help.

A sleeping pill, just one this time, down the hatch and onto a better day 2.


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