Elderly Man in Front of a Dam in a Small Town


Howdy y’all,

I am writing this episode of Chop’s Guide as I sit in front of the dam pulling the 12-hour shift that ruined my plans to watch Jack Reacher and Keeping Up with the Joneses this weekend.

One of my co-workers decided to pop smoke and quit with no notice so we have to all pull more hours which killed my plans.

unnamed-3I am now pulling 80 hours a week until we get someone into the position left open. It is not a huge difference, my average week is 68 hours but still…

If you know anyone who wants to do one of the easiest jobs in the world that actually pays decent, contact Whelan Security.

I was hoping this post would be a review.

One thing I did do that I have been wanting to do was go back to Wise Guy’s Sandwich Pub for their Cuban.

My belt broke on Saturday so I had to shoot over to Wally World to buy a new one because my pants just barely stay on as it is. I figured since I was already on that side of the dam and would be passing Wise Guys on my way back, I should just order my Sandwich.

I called them and asked if I could get a Cuban and then had to explain wh20161022_191231at was on a Cuban

Pork Shoulder



Spicy Mustard


Apparently, they do not have pork shoulder so I ended up with a close approximation of a Cuban… it was good but Pork Belly made it more like a ham and bacon sandwich than a Cuban.

I really have to make the recipe I posted…

but I did get some pictures of the interior, so that is cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I signed up to be a driver for Uber to add to my ever-growing list of things I am trying to do to get back overseas but with these extra hours at work, it kind of screwed me although I do not think I will be picking up many rides when I will be available, in the morning hours 4 days a week but as a bonus, if I pick up my first ride by Halloween, they will pay me an extra $50.

I do not see me snagging that cash right now but it would have been nice.

But I figure I will make more than that in overtime at the Dam.

I guess I need to take to Chop’s Guide more often to gripe, the day after writing my last update about how I had not heard from Nina and Greg about my spreadsheet of possible girls to talk to, I got an email from them.

It said:

Hello Chop,

I am waiting for letter from Ira 104AVB5 and will send you her letter when I get it.

Take Care,

Nina and Greg

So, Immediately, I go to find out who Ira 104AVB5 is.

And am immediately intimidated.

This is Ira 104AVB5:

Matchmaking Belarus

And she is a Neurologist. Head Neurologist. The cute, blonde, Belarusian version of Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is a smart motherfucker.

I am sure Ira is a smart motherfucker.

Meanwhile, I have a Radio Broadcasting degree and a TEFL certificate is kicking my ass in the language that I speak. All the time. Rather well. Fucking English Rules.

857981268_2808523497_zIt is funny her name is Ira, my brother used to date a girl in St. Petersburg, Russia named Ira, she was not only awesome but she is part of my favorite picture that I have ever taken in my photography career.

I talk to her every once in a while.

A little about the Belarussian Ira, She is 29, 5’6, she is the head of her neurology department, divorced with no kids, Russian Orthodox Christian and doesn’t smoke.

She seems like a decent girl, I hope that if she talks to me that she will fulfill my stipulations addressed in an earlier post. Mainly, just give me means of communication that does not involve a third party.

I am going to be making my Chicken Corn Chili for work at dispatch on Wednesday. It takes a while to cook in a slow cooker but the first time I made I had to give the recipe to like 10 people.

It is one of the simplest things in the world to make, and I will tell you how.


I always triple or quadruple these amounts, if you have a 6qt slow cooker, you should be able to at least triple it.

4x skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

1x (16oz) jar of salsa. I get multiple types of salsa when I make it, maybe a green salsa, a medium and a hot. Play around with it and every time you make it, it will have a slightly different flavor profile.

2x teaspoons garlic powder

1x teaspoon ground cumin, I usually use just a touch more

1x teaspoon chili powder, I use maybe 1.25 usually

1x teaspoon Tony Chachere’s Cajun or Creole seasoning, I put Tony’s in everything.

Salt and Pepper to taste, I usually don’t use salt but quite a bit of pepper.

1x (11oz) can Mexican-style corn, if you can not find it, throwing in some ro-tel will be about the same thing

1x (15oz) can pinto beans, because I triple or more this recipe, I add in red and black beans for color and to change it up.

Put the chicken, salsa and spices in the slow cooker for 6-8 hours on low.

Shred the chicken and keep cooking about 3 hours before you want to eat it.

And hour or so before eating, add in the corn and beans.

I top mine with cheese but I suppose you could do sour cream and whatnot.

This chili is also great as a taco/burrito.

I will add pictures in the next update I do.

I added an app called Stash which is built to help you invest money, I really need to make it a point to read the penny hoarder every day. they give you $5 to start investing with even.

It is not much money but $5 free is nothing to sneeze at, especially if it may help you earn money over time.

My biggest problems with investing in places you don’t have to be a constant trader at is that they want to start off with more money than I am willing to part with all at once. I like Vanguard but to start with them I had to drop $3000 at once at one point in time so I never started. Stash lets you start with just the $5 if you want.

I think it may be a better place to park my savings than a bank account that does nothing for me.

I have heard this Russian song a lot on my VK, does the intro sound like Pearl Jam to you?

What are your thoughts?

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