37 Days to Zen – Introduction

Over the past eight years, I have been on again off again with so many things that should have been “life changing.” Diets (I lost 100 pounds on one over a nine-month period), yet can’t seem tozen-1 stay on one for any serious amount of time. Meditation (I have tried countless videos from awakening my third eye to releasing all tension and stress), yet can’t seem to stay focused for any length of time to see if the videos work. In fact, I am listening to one right now as I type this article and not focusing on the video or sound. The sad fact is, I still feel like garbage on a daily basis. I am tired, stressed, never seem to focus on anything for longer than ten minutes, always anxious, sleep cycles screwed up and can only sleep with sleeping pills, the whole nine yards. I am a walking bag of issues and need something drastic to change what is going on.

I have decided to continue for seven days with the normalcy that is my life and track what is going on. How I feel, how I am sleeping, what dreams I can remember, what I eat…the average day to day for me for a week. I then plan on turning an 180, and diving into clean eating (pineapples, coconuts, watercress, kale, salads, organic, anything good for me), honestly meditating (sitting still while I listen to the sounds), staying focused on my goals, and keeping a daily journal of my findings. Exercising, sticking to it thzen-4is time (something more than the 15 push up morning twice a week). I understand it takes the body some time to change, especially since I have been filling it full of energy drinks, Cokes, and Moon Pies for the past 20 years.

Not only do I hope you enjoy 37 Days to Zen, but I also hope it changes me. I can’t continue down the path I am headed, it’s time to take the road less traveled.


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