37 Days to Either a Heartattack or Zen – Day 2


T-minus 6 days until I begin licking the bottom of chairs at the local Taco Bell because I decided to once again change my life, you know, for real this time.

Day two, knowing I wanted to leave this world with a bang, consisted of a package of chocolate donuts, two chocolate chip creampies, and two Monsters for breakfast. I am sure that this gastronomic experiment is what got Ghengis Khan through most days running the roads of Asia.

I still felt horrible, but honestly who wouldn’t after I continued to put that stuff in my mouth. That Super Size Me documentary hit the nail on the head when it stated that most of this quick food is a feel good food only when eating it, only to have a mild form of depression sink in after a few hours along with the hunger540x960_full pains.

After a few hours of work, the lunch bell rang, I decided to go to the all you can shove in your mouth without vomiting on the table buffet at Johnny’s Pizza.

After what could have been an entire large meat lovers later, I decided that wasn’t near enough and required to be finished off with some brownies.
Washing that feast down with anything diet was seriously out of the question, so I tacked on an additional 500 calories and 300 grams of carbs with liquid alone.

Dinner on day 2 was a bit on the light side, as lunch still had my mid-section in a figure four leg lock. Two McDoubles and medium fries washed down with a Coca-Cola, the size of an adult donkey, but who can say no to McDonald’s fries; not this fat kid.

So, with day 2 in the books, I felt good for a total of an hour and a half, the total time it took me to consume my meals. The rest of the day I remained as sluggish as always, irritable, and an uneasy feeling now growing in the pit of my stomach.

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