37 Days to Zen – Day 11 Change Day 4


The last time I seriously took an interest in a diet and exercise, I stuck to numbers.

Calories, carbs, miles, pounds, every number under the sun. I did get back to fighting weight and had my share of training in MMA again. I went from 280 pounds to 195 in a matter of six months, adding strength and stamina along the way. Yet, I stayed focused on stuff that, although decent at the time, didn’t do me any good in the long run.

Hell, there is no kidding about my age, I am now 41. I won’t be fighting or wrestling or hitting tackling dummies anymore. I do want to lose some weight again, as I am back up to around 240. I do want to remain active, healthy, and fit enough to enjoy some serious hiking in my later years. I don’t want to lose strength at the expense of losing weight, but that isn’t my main focus these days.

Mental health while maintaining a healthy lifestyle if the ultimate goal.

Waking up in the mornings ready to see another day, seeing the kids dance, smiling, enjoying the rest of my time on Earth. There has to be a happy medium, some place where I can meet life in the middle and enjoy what time I have left in this vessel.

I have remained on track with zero carb-laced drinks, and have now added coconut water to my daily consumption. They sell Vita Coco water where I live, and I enjoy the taste. How much it hydrates me is something to learn for another day, but I do like it. I will try others as they pop up for sale and report as they become available.

A coconut water and some beef jerky for breakfast started the day off and feeling somewhat energetic; it wouldn’t put that normal brick feeling on my stomach. The hunger pains remained, but the morning meditation seems to help with calming the urge to shove a few iced honey buns down the old pie hole.

I have been stuck with the Shiva chants in the morning and started supplementing my late mornings with 7 Chakra Meditation, a free download to your smartphone or computer. It helps keep the daily edge off, at least for me.

I cheated a little for lunch with a chopped beef sandwich but cut the half gallon sized bag of chips out. It filled me up but didn’t leave me with that bloated I have to destroy a nice porcelain toilet for no good reason type of feeling. A Coke Zero washed it down, and I made it through the afternoon with no snack except for a few gulps of water from the garden hose.

I chose to once again be lazy for dinner, grabbing a half sized BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad and a small chili from Wendy’s. Normally it would have been a Baconator super-sized with specialty fries and a trip to the bathroom before leaving the dining establishment. I was comfortable after eating and will try to find the stopping point for all meals where I am just comfortable, not needing to have someone wheel me out on a flat cart.

I walked again, this time not paying attention to distance or time, only the way I felt before, during, and after walking. My body aches and I am sure that comes with 20 years of football and ten years of wrestling and MMA. I didn’t get winded but felt the walk, which is something I will try to focus on with all my exercise to come. I only want to feel like I have done something, not try and push my body to the max again. A balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation again tonight only focusing on positive vibes. My shower was in and out again, just washing my body from the day and getting out to other things to include my writing, which is another outlet I use to one day achieve my ultimate Zen state.

Side note, my sleeping seems to be getting a bit better. I didn’t take a sleeping pill the past two nights, and fell asleep and slept through the night. That hasn’t happened for a very long time.

Once again, until tomorrow and another Coconut water…


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