37 Days to Zen – Day 12 Change Day 5


Less than a week in and I do feel a little better at least.

I have woken up the past few days, and although the bed was still comfortable, I didn’t hate getting out of bed and into the shower.

Once out of the shower, I didn’t necessarily want to get back in bed. It’s not that I was looking forward to breakfast, it’s that I was kind of looking forward to the day.

Kind of…but that is much better than the weeks and months of not wanting to leave the bed for weeks or months.

Three boiled eggs straight down the hatch for breakfast backed up with two Monster energy drinks.

That would make for some serious protein farts later, especially after a lunch of a pound of sausage.

Fatigue and lack of focus are still lurking around right before lunch and when there is about two hours left in the workday but this is better than it has been in quite a while.

Lower back pain still hits, along with the occasional joint pain, but the numbness in my left arm has completely passed now.

I also think I have found a meditation video that I will stick with for at least a few days, if not longer. (Ancient Zen, and if you read the intro, you might learn a thing or two as well)

This might be the one, I listened to it while enjoying a taco salad at Taco Bell, and a woman with her five kids came in for dinner. The youngest boy, maybe 4, kept grabbing her and yelling “I want Cheetos” about 400 times. The other boys, the oldest possibly 10, couldn’t even figure out that the Mountain Dew dispenser wasn’t orange juice.

Normally, I would have wanted to stroke out and throw someone out the window, but I just watched and listened to some OM goodness…

Meditation again tonight, and thinking of listening to some spirit animal guided meditation videos in the next few days.

Side note – does anyone else find a way to take the sheet and make it into a ball on the floor while not moving the blanket at all during sleep? I have been sleeping much harder it seems, and can do some amazing things apparently. Might need to video my nights.

Until tomorrow, shalom…

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