37 Days to Zen – Day 18 Rough Day 11


There are some days I am not worth shooting, and since I am writing this at night, I can go ahead and tell you that today was one of those days.

I felt like crap since waking up. I didn’t want to get out of bed; I didn’t want to get in the shower, I didn’t want to move.

I remained miserable all day, from start to finish.

At one point in the early afternoon, I became dizzy and hot, almost as if I was going through menopause. Really.

Breakfast and lunch were the same, eggs and some beef jerky for breakfast and a meat lunch of, you guessed it, chicken.

It couldn’t have been the food that made me dizzy, or made me tired all day or made me feel like I had been run over by seven Russian quarter horses.

I forced myself to finish out the day and had a small salad before dinner before putting on the headphones to listen to some law of attraction meditation, it’s worth listening to.

I felt weak all day, drained.

I struggled to carry small hand tools.

It was a feeling of being completely useless to the universe.

Almost as if I didn’t belong.

I will have to snap out of it, especially if its just a mental thing.

I could be getting sick, but don’t show a fever or any other signs as of now.

I hope I can sleep it off, and hope this sleeping pill kicks in soon.

Until tomorrow and hopefully a much better day…

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