White Bankomat and How to Boost your Self Image for Around a Dollar a Day.

First off… isn’t Bankomat such a cooler term than ATM? In Russia, they are all called Bankomats and I really liked it so I have tried to use that term ever since… it hasn’t caught on in America yet… which is weird because I am popular as fuck (just ask my mom) and world renown for my knowledge of ATM… fuck, Bankomats…

I have been looking into my move to Southeast Asia for quite a while now and among the normal things people look for like Population, Internet Connection, Cost of living and whatnot, I have also been looking for women.

I am single, it is a new place, I haven’t gotten laid for a while… several reasons to look for these things in the area I decide to move to. Maybe I can hit the ground running and maybe have someone I can take out on a date… or several women for different dates, depending on if I decide on a city or a province

I have been talking to several nice girls who are kind and reserved and recently a few who are less reserved… which is nice in its own way. I don’t mind either type but the less reserved are easier to talk to… I recently had one girl stroke out on me because I said she would like my beard… she didn’t know what a beard was and assumed I was talking about my dick. I finally calmed her down through a long explanation. Talking to super reserved girls can be a bit tiring dancing around what I’m trying to say… even if it is completely harmless… which most of the time it is unless initiated by the other party… then it’s on, the conversation gets all hot and awkward! Giggity.

I had been mostly talking to girls on OK Cupid. It is free for almost everything on the site which is awesome for cheap bastards such as myself. I haven’t done too bad on OK Cupid, especially after changing my address to the Philippines so I could see Filipinas and they could see me. Some girls have asked me why I would change my address to the Philippines while I am still in America because then I can not see American girls… I have to explain to them that since I am planning on moving to The Philippines, why would I look for American girls, especially since pretty much anywhere in the world is easier to find girls you dig than the states… with maybe the exception of Israel… which makes my heart sad because good God IDF girls are just dreamy… sadly, they know that they are hotter than the sun and I haven’t heard about the Israeli guys being as much of Cockbiting Fucktards as many Russian guys are. Don’t get me wrong… I have some great Russian guy friends but when it comes to Russian guys, fuck men are from mars women are from venus… its more Russian Men are from Wal-Mart and Russian women are from Rodeo Drive. As for myself, I think of me as more a Target/JC Penney Big & Tall section… if they sold more t-shirts and had a deep self-hatred.

I am getting off the point… so I am talking to girls from OK Cupid and it is not going too badly but I have to do a lot of searching and writing which is fine but time-consuming. I do have a pretty good response rate though… especially if I compare it to results in the good old USSM (United Socialist States of Mediocrity). There are many girls in the states who are pretty amazing but for one reason or another nothing happens on those fronts, usually either I am in the friend-zone or I just don’t dig them. I don’t have a lot of time for girls in the states anyway with my work schedule but even when I didn’t, the dry spells were frequent… on a pretty long one right now.

I have been searching for everything I can find related to my move,  I have been reading a lot of Blogs and my favorite one recently is Single Mans Paradise (NSFW… unless you can have nudity and talk of cream pies at your work… then by all means). The guy has had similar life experiences to me and his blog is funny and entertaining if you don’t mind reading about loads of sexual content, which has never bothered me in the least. And, like me, he doesn’t always want to hook up with hookers but rather the girls that like him for himself, somewhat. He is single and from the states which he refers to as Sexual Prison… and I can’t really argue with his reasoning. He is always talking about how much luck he has with women on Asiandating.com a site that encompasses all of Asia which I am absolutely down for because I do not intend to stay forever in The Philippines.

The Asian Dating site is free to join but you have to pay to really be able to do anything besides show interest in people which immediately turned me off of the site but I figured I would try it out without paying in order to see if there was any interest in tubby, tattooed, bearded honkies.

Now, as we are talking about Asia… I will try to use some Asian terminology… if messages were water, I had fucking Typhoon Chopski hit my mailbox, I had 55 messages within the first 24 hours… I have been on some sites for YEARS without a single message I didn’t initiate. This was a new experience for me… I thought to myself, “Self, this must be how ladies on these sites feel… getting pummeled by emails… interesting… and then I thought… surely this won’t keep up.

It did.

When it got over 100 messages I decided to pay for the site in order to read what all these women are saying to me. So I pay and start reading all these messages. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t get the female equivalent of dick pics in my inbox but the sheer numbers made me feel good. OK, so maybe it’s not how women feel but it was certainly new for me.

I have been inundated with emails from very attractive girls all over Asia, it is awesome. Unfortunately a couple of them, a smaller number than I expected actually think of me as their caucasian bankomat. One experience caused me to write this today, Simply because under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have replied to her and am not exactly sure why I did but it certainly made my day far better.

I was sitting at my shop today, hoping someone would hand me some money to buy this place. I could then really buckle down on my plans to get to Asia and since I joined this site, maybe actually have some real life dates. I will have to cut myself back on any kind of fun when I get there because my first order of business if earning enough money to be able to afford living there. I will have a small cushion to get myself through but I need to start earning money before or as soon as possible after I arrive. I would like to work on earning money now but both of my jobs, while offering a little free time are also full of interruptions every few minutes and not conducive to learning anything new. Now cutting down on fun is actually the wrong term, if I have any fun there I will have upped my fun quotient by a large margin… so maybe the correct way to say it is I can not allow myself too much fun when I arrive.

I am sitting in the shop, dicking off, reading up on moving and firing off emails to girls that I like so far and the pictureless girl writes me.

She says hi, I say Howdy.

She asks how my search is going, I tell her it is ok.

I tell her that her search may be better if she had, at least, one pic on her profile.

She asks me if she can add me on Skype and she will send me some pictures there.

I give her my Skype name and wait.

A few minutes later I got a notification that she wanted to talk on Skype. I accepted her. I said Howdy again and she immediately sends me a pic…

Good God, I love boy shorts.

Another pic right on the back of that one…

Dat hair doe… and what seems to be a lack of top.

Then she tries to call me and I answer the phone, not even thinking of it being a video call and I don’t hear anything so I hang up.

Personally, I think she looks pretty hot and I tell her as much…

Then another pic… Lying on a couch, in boyshorts, topless playing with a necklace… looks good enough to eat…

I describe this pic rather than show it because I don’t know what the policy on nudity is here and more importantly, that nudity is mine… fuck you, you’re lucky you got to see the first two pictures…

She calls me again and I hit video and she looks even better than the pictures.

I thought I had hit the lottery…  she is in a lacey little red baby girl top and black panties

She looks really good.

Apparently she doesn’t have a mic so the messages come start showing up:

Her: Can you see me, babe? (My thoughts: Fuck yes I can see you and seeing you is good… stop writing shit, it is covering up my view)

Her: I can make you cum (My thoughts: WOOHOO!… let me close this shop real quick-like)

Her: I can give you a good show babe ( My thoughts: I would like that… unfortunately, I’m not paying shit, this call will be over in a few seconds…)

Me: I would love that

Her: I can make you cum and do all that you wants, babe (My thoughts: wants… well she speaks better English than I do Tagalog… I mean.. that sounds nice)

Her: and I can promise to always be here for you (My thoughts: She is about to ask me for money… you will always be here till the money train dries up…)

Her: but I will ask u a lil help babe (My thoughts: Fuck… well there goes my good time… I wonder how much time she saved not writing out “you” or “little”)

I didn’t respond and then an amazing thing happened… she just started dancing around.

She pulled her boobs out of the baby doll top and played with them and kept dancing. She then runs her hands down her sides and rubs all over herself till her hands lightly touch around her pussy. Her hand disappears under her panties for a couple seconds making, at least one of us, happy to be alive.

That didn’t last nearly long enough as her hand came back out. I am thinking, this has got to end now for sure… I still haven’t said anything…

It didn’t stop.

I am praying I don’t get any customers as she starts playing with her panties… she uses them to rub her pussy and she slides her panties down some… pulls them back up, dances around a bit more and then takes them off… I am seeing her at a profile view right now… her ass is pretty nice in and out of her panties…

She is now naked except for the baby doll top that is still showing off a gorgeous rack with pretty pink/tan nipples that I did not expect as Filipinas tend to have tan/brown nipples, this girl is just full of surprises.

This gorgeous creature, who is making my day… shit, scratch that, my week, faces the camera and shows me every bit of her. This not responding shit is working to my advantage.

Then she throws caution completely to the wind and gets into my favorite position for a nice lass to be in. The view I would have right before she sits on my beard. It was a gorgeous site… I almost bought a plane ticket and said fuck the planning.

It made for a good day and a long ass blog post but finally, it was over.

She hung up just before 6 minutes of me being enthralled by this vision of beauty… who wanted to part me and my money.

The call stopped thus badgering for money began… I am white and, therefore, a Bankomat for certain girls.

I held on strong,  through all the amazing and possibly illegal things she offered me.

She told me she was from Cebu when I asked her while trying to steer her away from my bank account and actually have a conversation.

She was persistent, until finally I told her, “NO WOMAN, I WILL NOT PAY, I AM POOR!”

She says that I can visit her at her new house… I hear its nice…

Just kidding, I didn’t give her any money but not for lack of trying. We still talk pretty often and outside of always needing money for something, she is a decent girl. Not exactly marrying material with the constant need for money (though she would still be cheaper than an American girl) but she may be fun to hang out with… maybe some 80’s movies and chill. Cebu is, after all, certainly within my realm of possibility with me moving around overseas.

Since I began this post a few weeks ago, I have been hit up by other cam girls… some cute, some not so much but it is still a small portion of the emails that I get.

Treat yourself, make yourself feel good and join a primarily Asian dating site, sure, it is like opposite world compared to what you are used to but that is why it is nice.

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