Baby Steps Piss Me Off

Howdy all one of you,

I am steadily trying to keep myself on the path to bettering my situation and getting spun up to move (although I am still not 100% on where yet).

In trying to keep my mind focused, I have made the decision to try to write in Chop’s Guide far more often as those of you who occasionally read this will notice.

I have tried to become more active on the Single Man’s Paradise forum because it is a great group of people who, though exceptionally horny, are all either already living their dreams overseas or spinning up to it like me. Be warned, neither the forum or the site are exactly safe for work but there is a lot of good content on there if you don’t also mind conversations about hookers and cream pies.

I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon for making some additional income. That, combined with Dispatch, my books and anything else I can come up with to make some money will hopefully get me on my way.

I am still thinking about how to get rid of all my shit and when it starts cooling down, if I ev51OWc0PhNqL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_er get another day off I really need to work on getting my storage shed cleaned out to not only save me $50 a month but most of that shit I don’t need with my current goals (besides my guitar, books and a few small items)… anyone want a pool table?

I have been working on finishing travel books and books to help one51V0fRwf60Lself like The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and The Hilarious True Story of One Man’s Sexual Adventures in Bangkok (written by a buddy of mine in the Single Man’s Paradise forum) both of which I have been reading for a while because I fell into a habit of just fucking off and not working on advancing my goals.

I have not worked on anything most of tonight because the Primary Elections are coming up on Tuesday and I do not know nearly enough about the caccc15d56-38f1-4431-ad67-64af5bb3ecbcndidates running for the Missouri Offices that are up for a vote. Thankfully We are getting rid of that twatwaffle Jay Nixon and a few others… so I have spent the better portion of my down time looking into different Constitutionalist, Libertarian and Republican Candidates. The lowers offices are hard to find much on and may have given me an idea of something to create that makes it easier to compare candidates side by side to the tune of things like

With getting back on track and back into my bibliophile world… I have, of course, made some new book purchases to keep me in my groove. 51odxNGX56LBecause I am a prepper at heart, I bought the book Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Also, upon waking this afternoon before work, I saw a post in a new Facebook Group for Location Independent Individuals I joined for a $.99 book titled Expat Intelligence: Relax & Make Yourself at Home Abroad: Hilarious Curiosities, Etiquette and Serious Resources for Long-Term Travel in Europe, Asia and South America that not only looked interesting, the person posting about it said it was funny which is definitely something I look for in books… I love facts and learning but when it feels like I am reading the phone book I lose interest.81jHcNJLB+L

In addition to all of this, I received three emails today about sticking to my goals from Ramit Sethi, Sean Ogle and Tim Leffell.

Ramit Sethi runs  Growth Lab, which I read about and joined the mailing list for the other day. Ramit’s email was about the 6 best ways to earn money online and though fairly informative, I need to sit down and think of what random bullshit I am good at. The best two options were Online Courses and Coaching… I have no idea what I would be able to teach someone in a course and the best thing I thought of for coaching was doing something like joining Italki and teaching people around the world English. This is something I could be location independent doing but I would have to put in a lot of hours and have quite a client base in order to afford life overseas (not that it is the only thinI I would do)

51DXwCR9fjLThe same goes for Sean Ogle who runs Location 180 (L180). His email today was about realizing the main goal you want to push for and becoming focused on it. His email asked me the same question from the other day about what my perfect day would entail: Based on the first country I figure on being at,  my perfect day would be waking up in my apartment in Phuket, Thailand, going to see my friends Iain and Oui at their dive shop for a kick ass wreck dive, coming in, grabbing a bite, grinding on some income for a couple hours… taking a nice girl out for dinner, wandering around and ending back up at the apartment to make the old beard a throne… rinse repeat. If we are talking Chiang Mai, Thailand… same thing minus the diving and more wandering around. And he asked some new questions that I will answer for y’all, though these are hard questions. and I hope you will all answer the questions for me… cause this blog would be AWESOME if you bastards gave me some things to read too… if anything just so I know someone is paying attention. I may come back to edit these after I have thought about them more512yZ+n9D7L

  • What are you an expert at? Don’t say “nothing” (everyone is an expert at something), and no matter how arbitrary or insignificant you might think this expertise might be, write it down.

I am not really sure what I am an expert at… I kick ass in trivia and I know a bit about guns… I can nap like no one’s business.

  • If you had to make $1000 in the next week, what would you do?

Roll drug dealers? You get like $50 for beating off in a cup right? I could knock 20 out in a week. Outside of that, I am not really sure, the things I own that are worth that, I don’t plan on parting with.

  • What are your best working attributes? By this I mean what are your biggest strengths in a working environment? Are you a good communicator? Detail oriented? Good at spreadsheets? etc. Name at least five.
  1. I tend to be pretty well liked
  2. I am pretty decent in most things Microsoft
  3. I tend to be everyone’s proofreader
  4. I despise being late
  5. I am a quick study, usually
  • What are three hobbies or things you enjoy that you’d love to turn into a business in a perfect world?
  1. When I was in Iraq, I used to LOVE helping plan out trips for people, and would get lost in planning out mine… price shopping, finding the right seats on planes, maps for getting through the airports.
  2. Getting to shoot most every day would be amazing.
  3. Though I don’t do it all the time, I like to write reviews on various things that interest me, food, movies, restaurants, cities
  4. Being in the water.

51BHdQyQpsLMy final email which came from Tim Leffell, the author of one of my favorite books (A Better Life for Half the Price) and the owner of one of my favorite travel sites was about freedom of movement and was also about signing up for a class that I would love to take but can not afford at the moment called Travel Writing Overdrive. I would love to get better at this whole writing thing and being a bit of a travel blogger is a part of this whole dream of mine.

That is where I am at for the moment. Baby steps kill me but it is something I am going to have to suck up and get used to. Unless of course there is a Sugar whatever who wants to, not necessarily take care of me… but hook me up with loads of training and startup capital, I would be forever grateful.


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