Holy Crap this Weekend was Busy! But did the Blowie happen?

d3a9282034741dadb40c1a7c6fbcbed8Howdy All,

I am scheduling this to post Sunday but it should fairly accurately recount everything I have planned for this weekend. It is currently Saturday Morning @ 0330

Technology is nifty.

This weekend I have to try to start coming up with a list of all the shit I have for  sale, so seriously, if you want a pool table or a bed or a nice dresser and chest of drawers, TV, couple XBOX 360’s with games, hit me up.

I will absolutely not help you move the pool table.

Fuck you.

I need to get further into Think and Grow Rich because my Amazon cart is stacking up with books I need to read to help me with this goal of moving on up to the East Asia.

I am going to try to figure out what spark plug wires I need for my new coils to make my bike functional again… or figure out the correct coils and get them ordered because this not being able to ride my bike shit is starting to get on my fucking nerves.

Some technical support Motorcycle Superstore has, let me tell you.

Since, with the unlimited bandwidth on my phone, the hotspot feature is disabled, I need to find some semblance of interwebs for my house because, with this new job, I will have far less time to write because I will be driving most of the time.

So, in order to keep up with the momentum I have gotten going with Chop’s Guide, I need access more than most anything at the moment… well, either access or a plane ticket and some cash to float me till I can acquire some funds overseas.

I would go be a freeloader at Starbucks but I would spend all day wanting to burn it down, seriously buy from local coffee shops, it means more.

I realized that going to the movies Saturday was 4 hours after I got off work so I am trying to talk Eric into Suicide Squad on Sunday before he goes back to work.

Regardless of if Eric can make it or not, I may still try to go.

I can’t work all the time and have no decompression… even if sometimes it counters the saving money I am trying to accomplish.

I don’t know if Chris will  be up for going because he is currently battling a pretty bad infection that has had him visiting the hospital for it.

I may end up hanging out with him because I don’t think he has felt up to doing anything and we don’t get to hang out much due to work.

I just hope this set of days off that I have, I will not have to deal with any Hot/Crazy Matrix bullshit.

I’ll have to hermit out in my apartment, touching myself and eating Cheetos for two days.

I have to find a picture unnamed (1)of the ’55 F100 for my dad to see what he thinks about the deal and I need to hit up my other dad about the 2004 Dodge.
I may try to take a trip to Jefferson City and pull a bunch of stuff out of my storage shed and work on getting it on my list of shit to sell or give away. I am not moving the pool table but the rest of the stuff isn’t quite that heavy.

With Jefferson City comes Jack in the Box Tacos, so win-win!

I reduced my spending per month by $52.77 today by canceling a couple things I did not need… every little bit helps.

I can almost taste the salt air.

Or, in the case of India… incense.

I talked to the possible 4th job boss today after sending him a file for my HCG Diet Cookbook. He was disappointed that the book has no pictures, which sucks. I really want to add pictures to it

I really want to add pictures to the book but my lack of time, a place to plate the food and no one I know who bought the book coming through with pictures of the dishes they have made makes it hard to do.

But it is something I need to focus on to possibly get some sales going.

Damn… I have a lot of shit to do this weekend.

Hopefully, I will have time to knock it all out and get some grinding accomplished.

I hope you had a good weekend.

Also,I found out that the correct spelling is Blowy



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