Lay’s New Chip Flavors Review

Howdy y’all,

Lay’s has come out with 3 new flavors of chips and I for one am baffled as to how they make these things but I have now tried three of the four global flavors and it was a roller coaster of tastes and emotions.

Lay’s has been putting out amazing flavors for a while and I am sad to say that I have not had the chance to taste a few of them and I may need to find some to try it if I can.

The ones I have not tried are:


Wasabi GingerPO1qJrz9JdMimZPpKwhDJWYKKdg

Cheddar Bacon Mac& Cheeselays-cheddar-bacon-mac-and-cheese-potato-chips-7-75-oz_3890115

Mango Salsaslide_358435_3980631_free

I did have the pure joy of trying the next four:

Greektown Gyro 2/5a0c05577-e1c4-4f73-a3dd-7f8db614b91a_1.fb00c3674aa831faeec0f9e082b13fe8

New York Reuben 3/5lays-new-york-reuben-e1437908701425

West Coast Truffle Fries 5/5west-coast-truffle-fries

Southern Biscuits & Gravy 4/50028400576690_CF_hyvee_default_large

These were all amazing and in a realizations that surprised even me, I preferred the West Coast Truffle fries over the Southern Biscuits & Gravy.

It is not because the truffle fries were really that much better, the truffle fries were just a new flavor for me and the Biscuits and gravy just made me want the real thing.

I love Reuben Sandwiches and the chip is very close in flavor

As is the Greektown Gyro which is why it is my least favorite, I like the meat and whatnot but I really don’t care for tzatziki sauce.

And these taste so similar that I can taste the tzatziki sauce!

It really is amazing what they can do.

This year has 4 new flavors and they have gone global!

The flavors that lay’s has brought to us this year originate in Greece, China, Brazil and India.

The flavors are:

Greek Tzatziki: bastards 1/5lays-wavy-greek-tzatziki-e1470133225486

Chinese Szechuan Chickenaf2c4e41-4459-47f3-8943-3116d237f311_2.6046fa98e187e276158044ec37f3f20a

Brazilian Picanha (Steak and Chimichurri sauce)0028400624450_CF_version_type_large

Indian Tikka Masala50835735

I have tried all but the Grecian one because as previously stated, the only thing I didn’t like about the Gyro one was the tzatziki sauce and that is all this new one is… Oh joy.

Greek Tzatziki Chop’s Score 1/5. Maybe make something else Grecian, like lamb

The Chinese Szechuan Chicken flavor is good but I can not handle too many of them at a time.

They taste like a cheap Chinese restaurant to me like this would be the Szechuan Chicken you are getting off the buffet and not the one you would order off the menu.

If you don’t notice a difference, try ordering off the menu something that you can get on the buffet. Try them side by side.

I love me some buffet but I always enjoy the freshly cooked version more and this chip does not remind me of this.

I probably will not finish this bag, I guess it could satisfy a craving but it doesn’t really do it for me.

Chinese Szechuan Chicken Chop’s Score 2/5

The Brazilian Picanha flavor is very good, I don’t really know what a Chimichurri is supposed to taste like but if it tastes like this chip, I would like some more, please.

I shared this one with some of my co-worker’s in Dispatch and with the exclusion of one who would not try it based on the smell, everyone said it was good.

I agree with them, you can taste the steak and what I can only assume is the Chimichurri and it makes me want to travel to Brazil.

I would be absolutely fine with this one winning the flavor this year.

Brazilian Picanha Chop’s Score 4/5

The Indian Tikka Masala flavor is the one I looked forward to the most.

I was not let down, I am so happy they made this as a flavor to try this year.

The only thing that would have made it better was if it was some type of meat Tikka Masala flavor.

You can taste all of the amazing Indian spices in it and it makes me want to hop on a plane for India and try all of the amazing food there, hitch up with a nice Indian girl who wears saris often and live a happy life.3412878238_58a1892f40

Actually, most things make me want to search out a nice Indian girl… Don’t judge me.

Indian Tikka Masala Chop’s Score 4/5

Although I really liked Brazil and India, I did not know I was missing Brazilian food where I miss Indian food quite often.

Indian Tikka Masala wins this years lays flavors for me simply because there are no Indian restaurants near me and I wish there were.

Tell me what you think of this years potato chip flavors.

What is your favorite flavor ever?

My favorite chips are Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

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