37 Days to Zen – Day 9 Change Day 2


I feel as if I am starving.

Like I need to be hanging out in South Sudan with flies all around my face and some cameraman shoving some pork chops in his mouth while he makes the rest of America feel so bad about me and my situation. Even knowing I shouldn’t make fun of anyone in that situation, I know my body has the protein it needs to function. It is rather annoying to feel the pain and hear the growl all day long, but that is what is best for me and my body.

I had one sausage burrito from McDonald’s for breakfast. One. Uno. I stayed true with the drink and only downed one Diet Coke. I know that isn’t much better, but I don’t know what my body would do if I said to hell with it and only drank hot herbal tea from an Indian medicine man. Maybe turn into my spirit animal, which I seem to think is a Kodiak bear, but most likely more along the lines of a sloth…

Being the weekend, it is a little different setting, so I decided to tackle some much-needed errands. My friend did say that I had much more energy that I have shown in months. I had a hop in my step, a little giddy up. I did feel better, and even if it were a placebo effect, I would take it. I supplemented my breakfast with beef jerky to tide me over until lunch, where I murdered yet another defenseless chicken, this time dipped in lemon heaven.

Knowing I would be hungry three minutes after finishing off all 4 pounds, I picked up some fresh pineapple chunks for a mid-day snack. I don’t know how pineapple can be good for you when it’s that delicious.

Another salad from Wendys for dinner, but I am getting back into the routine of wanting to cook again. A staple for my diet years ago was egg and tuna salad, which will become a staple with this one as well. That, coupled with fresh fruits such as pineapples and coconuts, and I think I might see a drastic change both physically and mentally.

I felt so good after dinner that I decided to go for a walk, a little over a mile, and drop and gave myself 50 pushups.

Meditating for another 15 minutes, I decided to try another YouTube video. I will narrow some down that I like and post them as I listen.

I have a very long way to go, but I have taken that proverbial first step. Writing it down and blogging about it might keep me focused on staying the course.

Until tomorrow…


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