37 Days to Zen – Day 21 Change Day 14 is Half of 30 Right?


I know the title says 14 is half of 30, but I might can prove it with Common Core Math.

I am 14 days in with 16 to go to reach ultimate Zen, or the plain of enlightenment, where I will most likely get steamrolled by Chris Farley coming in hot.

I felt a bit better waking up than I have the past three days, which is a sign of hope.

Breakfast consisted of sausage and a few small bowls of Raisin Bran with 2% milk.

I need something different this time around, as meat is beginning to turn me rabid.

I have a tub of peanut butter for tonight to try and calm the beast that is the depths of my stomach.

I skipped lunch for some reason and snacked on a few sticks of beef jerky, washing them down with a grape flavored Propel water.

If you haven’t tried them, I would suggest you do. They aren’t bad at all, and much better for you than soda or Monster.

Typically I don’t do grape anything except for grapes or wine, but this water only has a hint of the taste making it smooth going down.

Dinner was a salad from Wendy’s, ending the meal day with a small chocolate frosty to pick my spirits up.

I know, it’s cheating, but I needed something.

Meditation continues to be law of attraction music, and it might be working because I found two pennies in the parking lot of Circle K today.

I am not back to 100%, but today was a better day.

Until tomorrow and two more pennies in the parking lot…


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