TFB REVIEW: KRISS Vector in 10mm! — The Firearm Blog

It’s hard to believe that more than a decade has past since the development and release of the original KRISS Vector. By now, if you haven’t shot a KRISS, know someone who owns one or at least handled one in a gun store, it’s safe to say you’ve been seriously lost: we are talking Tom-Hanks-desert-island kind…

via TFB REVIEW: KRISS Vector in 10mm! — The Firearm Blog

Now that we have to worry less about being able to buy scary guns that liberals know nothing about, this is the newest version of the Kriss Vector.

I own a Kriss, I love my Kriss.

Buy a Kriss.

I own a .45 ACP version and I like it, I LOVE the 10mm round but I think I will stick with my .45 as 10mm ammo is pretty expensive.

If you like 10mm, pick this up, it is not cheap but it is an awesome firearm.


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