Update and Stewart’s Review

bagnall-dam-3Howdy y’all,

I am now fully into my schedule of working 7 days a week which isn’t that bad yet. All I do on days off is sit at home being poor so I am hoping I will not get burned out working all the time… for a while at least.

My truck has the front end going out so I have been riding my bike everywhere, it is nice but I can not go grocery shopping on my bike so I have been eating a lot more fast food lately which bothers the piss out of me.

On my days at the dam, I either have to bring something in or go to Rick’s C-Store throughout the night for pizza or tornados.

It isn’t all bad, though, I meet up with Miller County Deputies, Missouri State Highway Patrol Officers and Lake Ozark PD Officers quite often.

It helps keep the night interesting though I can not spend too much time at Rick’s.

car-show-1_t1070_hda80f9c464eac380f722d2d6cb4859f4b068dfd9Rick’s C-Store and a Lake Ozark Police Officer became the catalyst for the best night I have had so far doing my roving patrols.

Around 0200, I was in there talking to LOPD and the clerk when in walks this gorgeous girl.

Yoga pants, tight black low-cut shirt, tattoos, dark grey jacket, bleach blonde hair, beanie, big glasses…

… fuck, she was a hipster.

But good God was she hot.

I was trying not to stare and failing.

Generally, I prefer natural hair, especially if it isn’t blonde but this girl made it look good.

She got in on the conversation with us and I found out she had just gotten off work at Flirt.

Flirt is a Gentleman’s Club at the lake that I have been to a couple of times a long time ago and I have to say that I remember liking it.

During this conversation, I was suddenly thinking of not only going back but how I may work too much and need to make time to devote my money to this heavenly being.

I used to run a Strip club so I know the score but damn she was easy to look at and seemed fairly nice.

29cd8a0c-ef9c-4352-9c6b-bc27c80236aaI don’t actually plan on dropping my plans on leaving but she certainly made my night more enjoyable.
I would link to Flirt but their Facebook and Website are both out of date. I have written them about it but they have not replied.

As for food, pretty much the same goes for when I am in Dispatch, just different gas station food.

It sucks.

This week should be my first full paycheck from both jobs so I can see where I will be sitting monetarily, and be able to plan accordingly I hope.

I bought a new learn Russian CD set for when I am driving around. It is called Living Language Russian, Complete Edition.

I love my audiobooks and have been relistening to the Earl Lee Swagger Chronicles by Stephen Hunter but I figure if I can not work on Chop’s Guide 4 nights a week, I may as well try learning some things for at least part of those nights

strip-bikefest-parkingAs of writing this Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy is 19 away from haveing 1000 visitors! I am certain that by the time this posts, we will have beat 1000 but that is pretty awesome for my little corner of the interwebs.

I hope one day to have this many viewers per day but this is a good landmark and we are getting close to 2000 views.

I went to get a haircut from my boy at Lake Ozark Barber Co. but he did not get there until 0800 when I got off work at 0600 so with those two hours to kill, I thought that I should have breakfast since I rarely get the chance working nights.

I asked one of the Miller County Deputies about it and he said I should try Stewart’s Restaurant.

He told me they had good breakfast and HUGE Cinnamon Rolls that should actually be called a loaf rather than a roll.

The place is good and has a lot more seating than I expected. Their Cinnamon rolls are huge but they are not what I ordered.

I ordered a ham, sausage, cheddar and spinach omelette which came with hashbrowns and a single biscuit and gravy because the man across the way said they had amazing biscuits and gravy.17-3-stewarts-restaurant-lake-ozark-700x393

When the food came out, I felt a little fear.

I did not expect the amount of food I got.

The omelette and hashbrowns completely filled one large plate and the single biscuit covered the area of about 3 standard biscuits on another plate.
I knew, even before starting that I was going to be taking some food home with me if they had something small enough to fit in the saddle bag on my bike.

My buddy was right, the food was pretty fantastic and I will definitely be going back.

I may not get the Cinnamon Roll but I will be going back, one thing they had on the menu that I REALLY want to try is the Chili Slinger.

Those of you who are not from Missouri may not know what a Slinger is, it is a hangover breakfast amalgamation that sounds weird but is absolutely superb.

A Stewart’s Slinger consists of Grilled hash browns topped with two eggs, shredded cheddar and our homemade chili.

Traditional ones add Sausage or hamburger patties in there also.

Try it, you’ll like it.

If ever you are at Lake of the Ozarks Bagnell Dam Strip before 1400, I would suggest you swing over to Stewart’s and try them out… tell me how the Cinnamon Loaf is.


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