I GOT PAID! AAAAND it’s gone.

1379060404-20131601122630Howdy Y’all,

In Dispatch we work a ton of overtime but only get paid for 40 hours per paycheck and then have our accrued overtime paid out every 3 months.

I am not really sure who it benefits because we also only get paid straight time regardless, oh wait, now I know!

I just got a comp check for the last three months and it was pretty decent and by decent I mean it equaled a slow 2 weeks in the oilfield.

But at least a got a job and work with some awesome folk.

With this check, I am not only planning on getting the front end fixed on my truck but I plan on getting my TEFL certification.

TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is something I can do most anywhere that doesn’t also force you to have a Bachelors or Masters degree to accompany it.

With that certification, I could potentially go anywhere that does not have English as the primary language and visas are extended for teachers usually. The only issue I have is that it will take away a lot of my time I could be working on making money for myself but on the flip side, it will introduce me to a lot of people and possible opportunities.

It has been something I have planned on doing even if I did not use it because if all else fails when I get overseas, I can always fall back on that.

maxresdefaultThe last time I was at Lake Ozark Barber Co. getting a haircut, Tim, my barber, was telling me that he should be getting some new beard oil in. He said he did not know the scent. I swung by Tuesday morning and it had just come in.

I swung by Tuesday morning and it had just come in.

It was Layrite brand, the same brand of the Pomade I use. I tried to smell it but couldn’t smell anything and Tim said it smelled like vanilla.

I bought some even though I think Tim was about to give me the sample bottle. It is $20 for 2oz. If you have ever bought beard oil, you will know that the price is pretty good. I usually pay about $18-20 for 1oz.

When I woke back up for work and got out of the shower, I used it and it smells great, I can’t quite place it, vanilla and something else. It also comes out as a gel so it goes a long way.

If Tim can keep this stuff in stock, I think it will be my go to beard oil from now on.


pratchett_quotes_03I doubt anyone from Tuscumbia, Missouri reads Chop’s Guide but I have a friend who not only works at Dispatch with me, she has also been working at the T-Town Deli.

She cooks for us in dispatch all the time and it is always good so imagine what she can to with an actual facility.

She brought me an Enchilada the other day and it was pretty fantastic… would be great if I could sweet talking her into delivering me foodstuffs every day I am in Dispatch.

Hint, Hint, Crystal.


3 thoughts on “I GOT PAID! AAAAND it’s gone.

    1. I do my best, sir. Going through this process again will be interesting… I have the next step coming out Saturday… I see you are currently in Vietnam, different area than Skins?


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