37 Days to Zen – Day 17 Change Day 10


I crave some stuff.

Full flavored Coca-Cola, especially from McDonald’s.

Pizza, especially from Papa Johns.

I also know the cravings will get much worse before they get better if they ever do.

I remember wanting Taco Bell mild sauce while I was in Iraq.

I craved it.

These cravings are much like those were more than a decade ago. I don’t want to give in, but they will most likely hang around me for the rest of my life.


A full flavored Coke would have been the tastiest drink ever for breakfast; instead, it was another sugar-free Monster going down the hatch right after a few pieces of sausage patties.

I am beginning to believe that if some company came out with healthy quick options at an affordable price, more people would start to try and live better lifestyles.

It’s just not easy. The shopping, the preparing, the concentration, the dedication. It’s all hard.

Lunch was a plain hamburger, cheating with the buns and adding another Monster to my midsection. I need to start weening myself off of them.

Mid-day meditation on the iPod helped with the pains, and my creeks and cracks my bones felt for years have eased up just a little.

Backing myself away from Mainstream America, I even forgot the SuperBowl was yesterday. Seriously. I watched Friends reruns and Shrek I & 2.

I guess I am becoming less and less of a Roman every day.

Dinner was a few pieces of fried chicken with no sides.

I know the skin is not diet worthy, but it tastes so damn good… water washed the final leg down.

Meditation for the evening, after a walk, was once again 432 Hz Miracle Tones on YouTube by Power Thoughts Meditation Club.

They have other great listening videos; you should check out their selection.

Side Note – I am thinking of a three-day fast, as several religions believe that is a great way to clear your mind and body of negative entries and become closer to your maker.

Possibly soon.

Until tomorrow and wondering how Gandhi fasted for weeks at a time…

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