37 Days to Zen – Day 16, Change Day 9 -Lonely Tacos


Taco Bell sales have plummeted over this past week, driving stock prices through the floor.

I feel better, so Taco Bell should continue to see dips in customers for the foreseeable future.

I will miss some of the cashiers.

One at Wendy’s knows my name better than most of my friends.

Okay, I don’t have friends minus the cashier at Wendy’s.

Fine, she is not my friend, she just thinks I am an old creepy guy who writes and likes tacos way too much.

I want a few slices of pizza from the corner store for breakfast. I deserve a few slices of pizza from the corner store for breakfast. As I walk past the pizza carousel, I cry a little inside.

I will “settle” emotionally for a few pieces of sausage and a Monster. Physically, I will be all the better for it.

Lunch will be the same act of aggressive change. Instead of the chopped beef sandwich the size of a big screen TV that I wanted, I got another chicken instead.

It gets old trying to eat healthy on the go; I need to start cooking and storing the foods I need to eat.

Even as much as I love chicken or tuna salad the way I make it (no pickles or anything crunchy at all), that gets old over time too.

Shopping to eat healthier is going to cost you both time (researching products that are good for you instead of products that say they are good for you) and money (anything better for you will cost you considerably more, those in power don’t need a bunch of healthy minded people running around do they?)

Another few eggs and a chicken salad from Wally World for dinner, and the protein gasses were being fueled for another long winded night.

I didn’t feel like walking or working out, but I wasn’t wasted either.

I just wanted to sit around and do nothing other than listening to some meditation music.

Not the typical night where I am so worn out that I can’t even sleep, my mind racing keeping me in and out of consciousness all night long.

I just wanted to chill out for a change, try and not think of anything at all. What is going wrong in my life, what I want to write about, the ten thousand stories I have already started on, all that…

432 Hz Miracle Tone seemed to take my focus off my failures and my mistakes, even if only for two hours. The music is one hundred percent calming, something to fall asleep comfortably to.

On another side note, I have been asked about my Christian beliefs.

Yes, I believe I am a Christian. I also believe that knowledge is something we as humans should never stop seeking.

Other religions, although different, should be learned about. Adding things to your life that make you feel better, even if a Hindu or Buddhist chant, are good for your spiritual journey.

Good for mine at least. I will continue to learn (as it’s the mind, body, and spirit – not body and spirit).

Until tomorrow and another Buddhist monk chanting in my ear…

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