37 Days to Zen – Day 19 Change Day 12 Might Kill Me


I am now 12 days into my 30 day run to Zen, and the past two days have been horrible.

I feel like someone took the life out of me.

I have a massive headache, and that normally wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact I have only had a few headaches in my entire life.

My eating habits have improved dramatically over the past 12 days.

No snacks, no candy bars, no massive amounts of junk food, no eating late nights.

I have eliminated full flavored Cokes from my diet as well, and have stepped up my daily water intake.

Yet over the past few days, my body seems to be rejecting my wish to change my lifestyle. I feel weak and drained, unmotivated, worthless.

My body aches.

My head aches.

My life aches.

I didn’t feel this bad the last time I forced my body to down massive amounts of protein with limited carbs, and I am now to the point that I hope I am getting the flu or something else and that it’s not related to my change over the past few weeks.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were the usual high meat count with sugar-free drinks, and a few glasses of water in the evening instead of a soft drink.

I have changed my meditation and listened to the secret manifestation frequency the past few nights, not because I believe it will shower me with cash, but because it is relaxing.

The piano keys help keep me interested, and the background tones seem to calm me. It’s almost as if I am in a dimly lit piano bar enjoying a break from reality, even with a headache.

On a side note, the waist strap on my backpack fits again, so I have evidently lost a few inches so far.

Until tomorrow and the hope for no pain, especially in my head…

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