Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto


Howdy Y’all,

As you have recently found out, I am back in North Dakota working in the oilfields… pics will come based on my shaving status.

My Angelina will not even see me if I am forced to shave up there… as the meme says, there is a reason I grow my beard… to hide my fucking ugly face.

Speaking of my Angelina, her birthday is coming up in August, and I would like to do something special for her besides giving her the pure joy of spending time with a sexy motherfucker such as myself.

So we have been discussing the possibility of going to Japan in August depending on if we can both afford it.

Being back in the patch, I should be able to do so, and she has been teaching a lot more to save money, so I am thinking the odds are good that we will both be able to cross a new country off of our list.

Fun fact: Domo Arigato means Thank you in Japanese, I do not know this until using it as my title… I looked it up because I didn’t want to title my article Suck my dick Mr. Roboto… or You gave me food poisoning Mr. Roboto… You’re a miserable bastard, Mr. Roboto… the choices are endless really…

But it just means thank you… so we are safe.

But really, like I would actually care… fuck censorship.

Japan is her dream destination, and I am certainly down with going… History and LOADS of weird food.

Her dream city is KDSC_0035yoto, but we are looking to spending half of the trip in Tokyo also.

I would also like to go to Okinawa because Karate Kid… also there is a really cool aquarium that I saw pics of… and beaches and it is one of the last bastions of old school Japan… ok… loads of reasons I want to go to Okinawa also.

We think two weeks would make for a good trip to see the sights and try everything we possibly can.

Well, that and I do not believe that either of us will be able to get off work longer than two weeks.

I am going to try for a bit longer just to be able to take care of some things at home and swap out vehicles.

I also have plans to go to Nebraska with my buddy Johnny Cliche to see Iron Maiden and Ghost but only if it will not interfere with me getting the time off to go to Japan.

I do not know what the work schedule is yet in North Dakota, but I hope they will cooperate with me as I had this plan before going up there.

I will write more on things to do and see in Japan in the coming weeks as I have time to research on and between jobs.


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