Morose North Dakota

Howdy Y’all,

While I was on location in North Dakota, I had to hand write any Chop’s Guides on some printer paper and am typing them in as I can.

We can not have electronics near the Oil and Gas for fear of them sparking off a fire, which is mostly bullshit like the shaving to save your life thing but you have to follow the rules if you want to work up there.

I am currently sitting at home in Missouri wishing I was by Angelina’s side and trying to find anything else I can do to keep from going back up there, but I wrote this while I was on location.


I have been feeling drained lately, and I am not sure why.

As of writing this, I have been in North Dakota for 24 days and on location for almost two weeks.

We rigged in this job over the course of three days, so I went from mostly no exercise before 2 June when I came up here to swinging a sledgehammer for three days.

I was kind of worn out after that, but excluding a few times I have had to temporarily swing a hammer or carry a pipe or whatever since there has been some time to recoup.

But I feel weaker now than when I started.

I sit in the treater house for 12 hours a day which is a room with four separators and four treaters, the oil, water, and gas go through the separator and get separated out into their separate components.

These components then go through the Treater and get sent to their separate tanks or to the flare to burn off the gas which would ideally be sold down the pipeline if it was not so hot.

It is hot as balls in the treater house, so, in essence, I sit in a sauna all day getting readings, but I try to stay hydrated.

I think I do a pretty good job, I still piss yellow, but at least it is not nuclear orange.

I am not sure exactly what is causing this feeling of lethargy.

I walk at least seven miles a day getting all of my readings, so I have not gone from doing nothing to exercise back to doing nothing, so it puzzles me.

On another note, I am reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, and I can not wait to get out of here and back overseas.

This book has really kind of fucked up my mindset for staying up here because minus the decent paycheck it is not affording me any time in which to work on anything of mine to continue working on some passive income.

Passive income is the ultimate goal to get me by when I get to that first destination and have time opened to be able to work on making more money.

Part of all of this and hating it up here so thoroughly is because I barely get to talk to Angelina and there is little in life I would rather do.

I finally found some batteries for my scale, popped them in and got disappointed, I have gained weight since being up here.


I never kept track of it before, but I think my body fat is lower though.

Based on my Fitbit and food tracking on MyFitnessPal I am routinely running a 1000 to 2000 calorie deficit so even it ‘s not entirely accurate, I should still be burning partially more than I take in.

I have just never tracked anything but weight before.

I know my heart isn’t really into being up here, unlike last time, I am not up here to work and live and have a career, I am up here solely for the purpose of leaving and will not be here a day longer than I have to be.

Minus the two week notice, I am not a dick.

Have any ideas or advice, hit me up and as always please like and share all of Chop’s Guide… maybe the dumb shit I write could help get me overseas.. please help.

Both pics are taken on the location I was on.

If you would like to add me on Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, please do.

Fitbit: Chop Snowbeard
MyFitnessPal: ChopSnowbeard same email


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