No More Nights of Blood and Fire

I am going to do my best never to put my heart in this situation again, time to put up some walls and pay for some hookers. Ladies, I may be emotionally unavailable and have a shattered heart, but some of you weirdos dig that in a man and it should make me more attractive to you, so I am free and available to give beard rides.

Where should we go in Japan?

I was warned to never stray past the 3rd floor of the Manga shops in Akihabara because the porn gets weirder the higher you go. What I heard was, start on the fourth floor and work your way up and after warning Angelina, it seems she heard the same thing as me because she demands we go higher than the third floor. God, I love her. Check back in, like, share and comment, especially if you have been to Tokyo and can give us some useful tips or ideas.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Howdy Y'all, As you have recently found out, I am back in North Dakota working in the oilfields... pics will come based on my shaving status. My Angelina will not even see me if I am forced to shave up there... as the meme says, there is a reason I grow my beard... to hide … Continue reading Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto