Goodbye Rama IX, Hello Muay Thai Visa


Howdy y’all,

I can not figure this blogging thing out, I write LOADS of less than mediocre articles, one every other day but the day I write a 60-word article about having a shitty day is the day I get my record number of followers and likes.

It confuses the shit out of me, are you all sadists who enjoy when people have a bad day or does WordPress just randomly feature an article and it just happened to fall on my crappy day rather than every other day when I create a new and interesting world for you.

Yes, I give myself too much credit with the new and interesting… don’t judge me.

Do not get me wrong, I appreciate the likes and follows and hope that keeps up… the days they happen are what I find odd.


With that out of the way,  now on to our regularly scheduled Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I am very late on this and for that I am sorry.

kingr901Now, before I start this, I just want to say that I do not get down for royalty. I am not one of these American morons who secretly hope to go back to the times of King George.

Most royalty we have in the world today are just as useless as their politician counterparts but occasionally there are exceptions.

Take Prince Harry of England for example. Unlike most elites of the world Prince Harry spent 10 years in the British Military and did two tours in Afghanistan.

He has my respect and the world would be better if the elites of the world put their lives on the line.

Another exception is King Rama IX.

King Rama IX of Thailand died on 13 October 2016.

King Rama was born as Bhumibol Adulyadej on 5 December 1927 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was conferred with the title of Rama in 1987. He was the ninth monarch from the Chakri Dynasty.

His given name means Strength of the Land, Incomparable Power.

He had a passion for photography and jazz saxophone throughout his life.

Bhumibol ascended the throne on 9 June 1946 after his brother, the current king was shot and killed.

After many postponements, Bhumibol was coronated King of Thailand on 5 May 1950.

During the coronation, King Bhumibol pledged to reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese (later Thai) people. This is a promise that most Thai people feel that he kept to them for they loved their king.

0490bdcad730ba0e4e7a868f91511cf9Most Thai people will not hear a bad word about him and I believe it is even less so now.

He was the longest ruling Monarch in Thai history, ruling for 70 years.

I feel for all of my Thai friends for the loss of their king, I admit, I felt pride for the man just through interacting with how people saw him in Thailand, even when we were just standing out of respect in the movie theaters in Thailand as before each movie they played a short documentary about King Rama IX.

Your son has some serious shoes to fill and I hope he will keep your name as exalted in the eyes of the Thai people and the people who love Thailand as you did yourself.

Rest well, King.

Getting tattoos in remembrance of King Rama IX has become a big thing over the course of the last couple weeks.

Now, on to happier things.



Skins over at Single Man’s Paradise made a post about this but I figured since I was going to be talking about the King of Thailand, I should talk about a new great feature in Thailand.

For 33,000 Baht ($941) you can get a1-yearr education visa to learn Muay Thai for a full year. 1K for a full year in Thailand and you come out of it a badass trained by Miltary Police, no less.

1K for a full year in Thailand and you come out of it a badass trained by Miltary Police, no less.

63f978672fb3db63c50129af7d53b47dThe time in classes you take amount to about 2 hours a week, I believe.

The school arranges everything for you through immigration.

You don’t have to spend as much time in class as an Education visa to learn the Thai language.

And it is a skill that can be of use outside of Thailand.

Being a tubby bastard, I assume this would kill me but imagine going to Thailand with not having to exit every three months for a visa run, work out for a couple hours a week and then have the whole rest of your time there to work on making money and enjoying that gorgeous country.

I need to get in shape.

Chiang Mai is one of my favorite cheap living destinations I hear about and that is where this is located.

I need to get in shape and kick stuff!



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