The First 100


Today marks the 100th Article for Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy, and due to this, I thought that I would utilize this post to showcase some of our statistics and whatnot.

Chop’s Guide started 1 March 2016 with the article Always Carry a Towel, as with the name of the blog itself, Always Carry a Towel is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is, at its root, a travel guide so I figure the name would be appropriate for Chop’s Guide.

As of writing this, Chop’s Guide has had a total of 4169 views from 2439 different visitors.

The best day for views we ever had was on 27 July 2016 at 196 views.

The most popular articles on Chop’s Guide are:

Online Dating: Things that Drive me Insane about Girls on the Dating Circuit (282)

The Polls are in! We are all Screwed! (216)

Murder in the First. (166)

Phones, Women and Cannibalism (124)

Why don’t you like (insert westernized country here) women? (118)

The most popular day for Chop’s Guide is Sunday (28%) and the most popular hour is 1000 (7%).

The best month for Chop’s Guide was August with 955 views from 519 visitors.

The biggest referrer for Chop’s Guide is Facebook by far.

The five largest viewerships by country are:

United States (2796)
Russia (480)
United Kingdon (122)
Ukraine (105)
Canada (70)

100 articles down, hopefully by 200 the numbers will be up.

From KilljoySam, C.E. and myself, thank you for reading.


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