Nothing Says “I’m Lovin it” Like a Little Hate with your Coffee

I just finished my sausage McMuffin and was thumbing through a few saved articles from yesterday to catch up on reading. The weather outside was frightful, as winds had picked up to the point that the power lines were dancing three or four feet at a time. The trees were all but snapping, as limbs tried everything they could to kiss the ground. It drew the entire staff from the kitchen, in hopes of seeing something dramatic that only mother nature could produce.
Six black individuals, one male, and five females, looked out in amazement as the sky lit up from constant shots of lightning.

The male asked the females “what color is the wind?”
I may have missed a reference from a movie or a song or something that just came out, but the answer was much more deadly than the weather outside.
“White,” one girl yelled. “There ain’t nothing good that’s white.”
The rest of the pack busted out laughing as they walked past me headed back towards the kitchen.
Nothing that is white is good. What a statement. Take away race, and just think of the fact that someone believes that the wind is bad. The Wind is evil. That is where we are as a nation. That is the crossroads we are at in America.


I have tried for years to help close the gap of the great racial divide. It gets old. You fight for what you believe is right, pound the streets to show people of different colors that you care, you deliver food to the less fortunate to show color means nothing, and with a single breath from the Earth, it’s apparent that nothing will ever change. The youth have been programmed. Whites are evil to blacks. Blacks are leeches to whites. It’s been beaten into them since birth, both sides. It’s ingrained in their DNA. And no matter how many times you try and change it, you realize it will never be eradicated. It will never go away. And that to me is the saddest thing in the world. A world that can’t let go of its hate. A world that will die with its hate, and at the hand of its hate.

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