37 Days to Zen- Day 10 Change Day 3


If history is any indication, this newfound daily high will go away in a few days, and although it won’t be the temporary upbeat feeling, it won’t be the everyday slump of depression either.

I should come down to Earth for a few weeks and even out. Maybe with the addition of serious meditation, not medication, I will start to see some positive mental changes instead of just physical.

I thumb through a ton of meditation videos on YouTube, and if you are anything like me, it must catch your attention quickly, or it will get the left swipe, whatever that means with this millennial generation.

One that has stuck for my morning rituals is a Yoga meditation from English by Skype, Relaxing music – Sacred Chants of Shiva (full album) – Yoga meditation – Om Namah Shivaya.

I have no clue what the woman is singing, but it does seem to calm me down.

Breakfast was a bag of beef jerky and a Monster. Soon it will be spoon fulls of chicken or tuna salad. I still felt some fatigue late morning coupled with some lower back pain but didn’t pay too much attention to either as my stomach seemed to be processing my left kidney for sustenance.

Lunch was another chicken; I am beginning to wonder if I will be tried for genocidal crimes against chickens one day. Still no full flavored soda product, as I took down another sugar-free Monster.

I enjoyed a few bowls of chicken soup for dinner, and although not completely filling, was enough to get me through the rest of the evening.

I walked again, this time about a mile and a half, and felt no discomfort or shortness of breath. Several years back when I began to get back in shape, I was winded from walking. I have retained some cardio so it might not be as bad this time around.

Meditation for the evening was a mishmash of trial and error; I still haven’t landed on one or two that make me feel like they are doing anything at all.

On a side note, I did notice that my showers the past two nights were only about five minutes each. I usually spend as long as possible trying to think of everything that is wrong in my life while the hot water beats my back. I can’t say why, but that is something different. I will continue to look for even the smallest changes and report.

Until tomorrow and hopefully another five-minute shower…


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