Where am I?! Who are you?! Why am I tied to this bed?! What the fuck is going on?!

everything-must-go-saleHowdy all,

So, the weekend did not go quite as planned.

For one, I didn’t get that blowy… Eric flaked out on me.

Muh bitches always be flaking.

Which isn’t a terrible thing really because I had things I needed to do more than going to the movies and spending money in general.

I woke up Saturday to a new roommate.

I live in a pretty good sized house with my brother Chris and we have been looking for people who want to split the costs of rent, we are just very picky about who we allow into our bubble.

Splitting the costs would do a lot toward me saving some money for my move.

I went to bed after work at dispatch Saturday morning and woke up to a girl moving into the other room of my apartment.

Her name is Brittany.

She is a friend of the lass Chris is currently with and from what I hear she was in a bad situation.

Got caught up with some Cockbiting Fucktard and needed to get out.

I hold people who abuse their significant other or family in the same regard I hold a rapist or someone who is anti-gun.

We try to help people when we can, so though it is a little awkward, it isn’t too bad… So long as I don’t get woken up when I am sleeping for work.

I do not see that happening too often because she is very quiet to the point that I annoy her anytime she says anything to me because I can not hear her.

She seems pretty nice though and not hard to look at, so that is a plus.

We will see how it goes, most people aren’t used to our Iraqi occupation rules for bathroom usage. As a matter of fact, I had to end up turning my bathroom door knob the other way due to girls Chris had over when he lived in the room currently occupied by Brittany because I was about to lose my shit getting locked out of my bathroom constantly.

Waking up in the middle of the night needing to pee and dealing with having to break into your own bathroom does not put one in a good mood.

Saturday I did not get much accomplished outside of reading Think and Grow Rich due to the unexpected arrival and a few other things but at least I got some reading done.

Sunday, like I said, I did not go see the Suicide Squad unfortunately but I did go to my storage shed and get a line on what I have to do to get my shit out of there.

Chris and I are going to go Wednesday after I get off work and get everything from there with the exception of the pool table.

I am going to leave the storage shed unlocked and upon payment, I will tell whoever buys it where to go get it.

The next check I send as payment for the storage unit will be my last and if I do not sell the pool table by the time my money runs out on the place then so be it, I will no longer have the ability to make money on the table but I won’t be stuck with moving that fucking thing either.

unnamed (2)I went and saw my buddy Roger today at his store The Capital City’s Game Emporium.

I like to call it the Capital City Magic Emporium because it seems like the only thing they do in there is play Magic: the Gathering but they have quite a few cool things in there… TV’s to game on, loads of board games, D&D stuff, game pieces and whatnot.

If you are a gamer, they do not carry much Warhammer 40k stuff but they are starting to get into it, finally.

They need a pool table if you ask me.

Roger told me about what is going on with his life, mainly his love life. He doesn’t have much better luck than me with women but at least he has some hot girls to talk to and frustrate him.

Poor bastard even punched some back-alley cumdumpster, douchebag in the mouth recently because of a girl he was helping out, whom he also had an interest in.

Yay, friend zone.

I am glad he got to pummel some of his frustrations out.

One of the great things about getting out of this sexual prison eventually is dealing with that bullshit less.

unnamedI also got to see my buddy Ronnie at his store, Capitol Liquor.

Back when I had my very first gun store, it was on Jefferson Street in Jefferson City, MO right across the street from Ronnie’s shop.

Our shop had an apartment above it that I lived in so when I didn’t have anything to do, I would go hang out with Ronnie and helping him out at the liquor store. We ended up becoming good friends.

Ronnie is from Surat, India so we talked a lot about India in general and Hinduism and various other things.

I told him about the possibility that I could be going to Varanasi. He told me that I need to go to Surat and Kerala.

I told him I would like to go to all three and I am hoping to spend quite a bit of time in each place.

He told me several things I did not know about Hinduism and told me that I may not make it at Varanasi because they do not eat much meat.

He told me that Surat and his state in India is renown for having the best food in India so I may have to go there anyway, the best part of any trip is the food, so why not go for the best.

I got so see Ronnie’s family for a minute including his cute new munchkin that I had not seen yet, though both Munchkins were passed out after a long day at the lake.

I did get several things from my storage shed, mostly books and Russian posters. We are intending to have a sale at the house here soon, Chris and I are both trying to get rid of most everything we own.

Chris and I have spent large portions of the last several days talking about Sailboats. I told him that if he starts going through the process of getting a blue water boat, I will delay going overseas because I would MUCH rather go overseas on a boat than on a plane.

I have wanted to get a Sailboat and travel in that manner for years, how cool would that be?

Unfortunately, we would have to delay because neither of us knows how to sail so we would have to get on learning that before we decided to cross one of the oceans and become pirates travel the world.

Apparently for a two man crew you don’t really want to go larger than a 40’ boat which would be plenty large enough for the two of us… and our harem.

Feel free to apply for a harem position here.

Things are so fluid, it’s crazy, it goes from doing my best to get out of here to possibly us moving to Floridia for a while to learn to sail and prep for a voyage.

We will see how it turns out… regardless, as soon as possible, I am going somewhere.

And the end goal will always be world pirating travel.

And diving.

And maybe getting touched inappropriately.

That would be nice.

I can learn a lot of new things in Floridia for a bit, and they have one or two attractive ladies there from what I hear so it certainly couldn’t be all bad.

I also trimmed my beard for the new job… I feel weird.

unnamed (3)

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